Got some old 78 rpm records

What to do?

So all you have is a 33/45 rpm turntable and a few (or a few dozen) old 78 records.  It doesn't make any sense to invest in a 78 rpm record player.  So what can you do.

Simple.  Capture them at 45 rpm and convert the sound to the proper speed.  If you have DAK software or something similiar, it's a done deal to convert 78 down to regular speed.  But if not, then one of my web buddies made the following suggestions.

Adjust your sample rate. Put the 78 RPM record on a player mechanically adjusted at 45 RPM.  Check "Stereo" and "16 bits and make the "Sample rate" at 25442.  Why 25442?  Because: 44100 x 45 / 78 = 25442.  (For a 80 RPM we would have: 44100 x 45 / 80 = 24806).  If you record your 78rpm (or 80 rpm) at the speed of 45 rpm. The music will be too low in tone and too slow.  Restablish the proper speed by: Edit / Adjust Sample Rate / Choose "44100".  Save the file. It will be at the right speed and tone.  Reading your 78 rpm thru an R.I.A.A. preamp at 45 rpm will establish a tonal balance that you would not have had if you had read it mechanically at 78 rpm.