Crimping CAT-5 wire into RJ-45 Plugs

If you want to do any serious internet wiring in your home it would serve you well to be able to crimp CAT-5 connectors.  The RJ-45 plugs are really cheep but a good CAT-5 crimping tool may cost $15 or so on ebay.  It is a good investment and a good tool to have around because you can make your own internet connection cables of any length whenever you want.

There are two plans, plan A and plan B.  Use the same plan and you will never get into trouble.  



I used plan B and taped it to my crimper.  I got a good unit from ebay for $9.  The other tool you need is an exacto blade.



Strip the wire cover back about three inches or more.  You will find 4 twisted wire pairs.





Untwist the wires and spend a good bit of time making sure the wires are straight.  It is important that they are straight and do not curl.  The wire is soft copper and will straighten out.  Use your fingers or a desk top edge.



You will next need to arrange the wires in the order of your map.  It's easy to arrange them because the wires are close to the twisted pairs except for one wire.  Cut the wires off evenly one inch from the shield.  Sometimes the crimper has a cutting tool.  I use a diagonal cutter.


Grip the wires tightly in your right hand between your thumb and forefinger.  Push the wires into the RJ-45 plug with it's clip down, brown wire to the left (for plan B).  Push them all the way in.  If the wires do not go, try again.





Match the wires to your map to make sure that they are in the correct position.




Crimp the wires in your crimper and test the connection.  If it does not work, cut it off and try again.