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updated  1/2015


    We are such stuff as dreams are made on
    And our little life is rounded with a sleep.

             Shakespeare, The Tempest

Val's big snowmobile jump.  Now there's some space.




Here's me or at least what I looked like five years ago

The first time I played a pin-ball machine I ran the score to the highest it had ever gone.  It might have been pure beginner’s luck.  But I had a seizure of that funny remote feeling of power that is said to overcome golfers.  Every time the pin ball bounced one way I gave it a mental nudge which extracted a little bit of my soul.  The experience went on for 15 minutes and was truly exhausting.  I never played pin-ball again.  Life is like that, a pin-ball.

And we just got back from DC.  What fun.

Cynthia and I had a wonderful time in Dublin. 

There is a new and continuing section below called My Rants and I try to confine my more extreme venting to one place. 

One ongoing effort to date is re-digitizing of a bunch of old records.  Comcast gave me a lot more space to use, so I managed to re-digitize a bunch of those old scratchy records using a better filter and at higher quality at Old Record Collection.  I also added a page on Fire Alarms because I got tired of replacing batteries.   

I try to collect things about our family and put them in a presentable way.  You can check out any and all of the sections below.  I plan  to do bigger things as time goes on and as my mind continues to deteriorate, and as the kids will finally leave home. But as I do get older things seem to get better in some ways.  After all I'm officially retired and have nothing else to do except the kitchen, laundry, cars, three kids still at home, each with cars, some with associated boyfriends, each kid having the usual personal problems and struggling to get a degree and stay out of debt (with my help of course).  I also have a retired wife that has demands, and dogs too--what a peaceful and pleasant thing retirement is.

Last year we got our carport converted to living space.  It gave us a bathroom, hallway, small cook area and everybody's happy.  Some features include additional washer and drier as well as new shower, so of the old washer breaks I will have time to fix it.

My Italian class is going molto bene.  It's a way I can try to keep my mind working. 

Cyn is the only women in Bellevue with her own private jackhammer.  She wanted a jackhammer for Christmas so what was I to do but get one.  It has turned out to be immensely practical.  You can't believe it.  Everybody should have a private jackhammer.  When I redid Val's shower I was able to make one big hole in the bathroom floor for the drain. 

We plan a vacation to Tuscany one of these years.  I have been there three times but Cyn has not.

And some other things

Here is my latest rendition of Point of Order by Stan Freberg.
I began to wonder why Music is Disappearing.
I managed to get together a readable version of Early American Popular Music
And here is a page that has some  Old Song Sheets.
I continue to talk about My Former career but I have a new one now.

I also did some stuff on The History of Computing.

I do have some GREAT NEW STUFF   I set up two sections on this site, one entitled MY LIFE -- SORT OF which has to do with my early days and continues to improve, growing up, seminary, education, army, girls, love life, (before the wife and kids and dogs and house and credit cards and teenagers and cars and jet skis).  The second section goes into MY ROOTS.  This is a hugely difficult section and it will eventually be done (person by person) when I can ever get it done that is.  One of my brothers, the unofficial caretaker of the Vautier Archives has graciously sent me lots of info about where I came from and who were all those guys that gave me such weird and disorganized genes. 


Get a load of the ears on that Dog.

Fiona is up to doing some artwork.




  Resume (long out of date but I try to keep it up

  Skills (mostly for making trouble)  

  Setting up your very own Home Network  This is really  really bad old stuff so skip it.


  So what is a TCC solenoid? 


      Early American Popular Music
     Early American Popular Music Web Version
     Old Record Collection
     My all time favorite Gregorian Chants
     The History of Computers
     Old song sheets
     Why is popular music disappearing?
     The Oracle
     On Virgil
     My really bad jokes  

     Popular Music - Some stories
     Home Video to DVD - Some great ideas  
     How to digitize LP's - Hints 
     Everything you wanted to know about LPs 
     What to do about Record Mold.
     Some more ideas on Digitizing Records.
     Some thoughts on popular music
     So what was the greatest song ever
     And how do I play a warped vinyl record
     My Sansui

    ever wonder how records are made?

     My Beatles collection will be soon featured. 

     The White Album  




  Moses Lake
  Ocean Shores
  Montreal (2004)  





  The Mound
  House Painting
  Apple Tree
  The Floor
  French Doors
  Central Vacuum Systems
  The Roof
  A Brand New Tree
  Cyn's Roses
  The Ranger Canapé
  The Great Snake
  Bed frames and wrestling
  My Record Cabinet
  More Roof
  Entertainment center
  Turntable Rumble
  LP Pop Removal


The Basset   
Black dog  



  Val's Big Airplane Trip
  The Crash
The Tub
  Our Poor old Douglas Fir  
  My Ford Ranger Radio 
  Val's motor scooter
  Luci's new do 
  Val goes out for Football
  My time at Camp Don Bosco
  The Perfect Kitchen
  The Perfect Bathroom
  Zune Socket Replacement
  Installing throttle plates the hard way




  Everett - Grand Street
  St. Edwards
  Richmond 2
  My Army Experiences
  My Career
  My Life



  Where I came from
  My Mother
  My Dad
  The Vautier side of the family
  The O'Rouark side of the family
  My little sister
  The Jessops/Jessups
  Frank Vautier
  The Old Farm and other places



Cuz' there's still a lotta drinks I ain't drunk
and there’s lots of pretty thoughts that I ain't thunk
oh yeah
And Lord there's still so many lonely girls
In this best of all possible worlds.

          Best of all Possible Worlds (1966) Roger Miller

  Good Dreams
  Pop's scrapbook
  Fixing Subwoofers
  Installing minijacks for car stereos 
  Converting a car cassette to mini-jack
  Joe Herzog
  Fr. Buck
  On being an Altar Boy
  Lake Hills Village Apartments
  LG DLG2302R main board
  Some comments on Martin Luther 
  Radio Replacement for Ford with CD Changer
  The Arcane Arts
  The First Rock & Roll Song
  RVs and wheel seals
  Gilbert & Sullivan
  The Post






  And much more as I get older and I think I will



  Here is a collection of my latest complaints
  against  the world, the flesh, the devil, God, the
  Government, and anything else I can think of.

  Tensioner Replacement
  Fire Alarms
  Motor Oil
  How to test a CO alarm 
  Changing Transmission Oil
  Making a really safe oven hood
  My sweet Maytag
  Dryer Timers
  Two Californias
  Blower Fans
  Micro switches
  Focus Alternator Replacement
  Hot Water Heaters
  The trouble with door handle locks



Gabriel decides to kick the football:   Opps -- right into the phone line.
Val doing a trick of two with his skateboard on his new rail -- well sort of anyway.
And here comes Sparky the Basset wagging  her way through life.
See Pumpkin run -- the fastest thing around on four feet.
Cyn is handy with a brush.  She now will attempt some faux painting in the bedroom.
And Val goes out for a pass -- and he's going... going... going...
Here is Gabe, our star chef cooking up a fine Denver omelet.


Two Vizlas

Fiona and her smile




Gabriel pretending to fall off a cliff on Bandera Mountain.  The I 90 Freeway can be seen far below.  Not for the faint of heart.  










Here is Val in front of Franklin Falls near Rattlesnake Ridge in Snoqualmie.










Val warming up one of his jet skis on lake Sammamish.


Me again.  This time I'm about the right age.